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International Academy for Integrative Medicine and IV Therapy (iAIMiT)​

Revitalife Academy believes it is important to promote the continuing education of members of the pharmacy profession.
Pharmacists play a key role in facilitating physician-patient communication and the successful implementation of
treatment plans.

Rapid changes in genomics, medical technology, medically oriented consumer electronics, biomaterials,
artificial intelligence, and tissue engineering are pointing the way to a radically different future for medicine.
In addition to changing the way diagnoses are made and therapies applied, these developments will create a major shift
in the traditional patient-physician relationship.

Revitalife Academy through its Key2Health Professional Webinar Series is helping to foster awareness of these new developments and evolve its practices to meet the new clinical future. Our Key2Health Professional
Webinar Series offers continuing education credits to pharmacists through the Washington State Association of
Pharmacists (WSAP

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