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Integrative Medicine

International Academy for Integrative Medicine and IV Nutrition Therapy (iAIMiT) is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate physicians and healthcare practitioners on healing-oriented medicine that takes to account patient as a whole, including all aspects of lifestyle.

IV Therapy Mastery Course

IV Therapy Mastery Course allows practitioners to become leaders of a newly emerging form of medicine: intravenous vitamins and minerals IV therapy. Included on our mission is to teach safe and effective administration of intravenous micronutrients and pharmaceuticals according to the current standards of medical care.

Hormone Mastery Course

The Hormone Mastery Course is explicitly intended for health professionals. The lecture material and backing documentation are outfitted towards experts with a foundation in health sciences, yet the course is open for anyone also who is keen on studying their own hormone medical conditions.

Functional Medicine Mastery Course

This course centers around an assortment of subjects including where to begin and how to appropriately carry out useful medication, just as clinically significant data such as the clinical history intake, symptom survey, laboratory test interpretation, case reviews, nutritional supplement and other intervention protocols for adrenal, blood chemistry, gastrointestinal, hormone and other metabolic imbalances frequently found in individuals with constant medical issues.

Our Team of IV Therapy Instructors:

Dr. Guillaume Safah

Founder & Senior Instructor

Founder of Dubai’s only compounding pharmacy who explains this ‘art and science’ of preparing customized medications by doctor’s prescriptions. This practice goes back to apothecary origins down the centuries. Dr. Safah is well-versed both in the science of intravenous therapy and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Jan Erick Alomia​

Chief Pharmacist
Senior Instructor

Jan Erick Alomia is a long term partner of the academy and educator for both Intravenous Therapy and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. He lectured and developed trainings on IV nutrition, anti-aging, toxicology and pharmacology.                         


Access professional training and clinical support from Integrative Medicine specialist - online


Get the ongoing clinical support you need to provice comprehensive, effective patient & client care.


Participate in our practitioner forum for real time, live educational support with your instructors

International Academy for Integrative Medicine and IV Therapy (iAIMiT)​


Our team of educators offers informative seminars with the most updated scientific knowledge for education purposes.


Academy faculties conducts clinic consultation that train healthcare providers for safe treatment both in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Intravenous Multivitamin Infusions.


Our team of professionals offer intricate courses for healthcare providers that are involve in different fields. The courses are design for clinics, pharmacies, physicians and all healthcare professionals.


Our specialized trainer’s offers certification in Intravenous Therapy and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment. We also offer lectures about United States Pharmacopeia 797 and 795.

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