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Our Team of IV Therapy Instructors:

Dr. Guillaume Safah

Founder & Senior Instructor

Founder of Dubai’s only compounding pharmacy who explains this ‘art and science’ of preparing customized medications by doctor’s prescriptions. This practice goes back to apothecary origins down the centuries. Dr. Safah is well-versed both in the science of intravenous therapy and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Jan Erick Alomia​

Senior Instructor

Jan Erick Alomia is a long term partner of the academy and educator for both Intravenous Therapy and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. He lectured and developed trainings on IV nutrition, anti-aging, toxicology and pharmacology.

Jesanie Marfil

Senior Instructor

Jesanie Marfil had been the senior instructor and training facilitator in intravenous therapy in both nurses and physicians. She is a lecturer of pharmacology and responsible for the formulation of different customized intravenous drips that targets the deficiency based on the patients laboratory results.

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